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The Water Mist Rangehood, incorporates a combination of flame guard panels, along with SS 316 high pressure stainless steel water mist nozzles, as a first and second line of defence. Features of the Water Mist System;
• Flame guard panels blocking the initial intake of spark/embers and/or flash fires into the exhaust chamber by increasing the height of the intake distance from the cooking surface
• A second line of defence is the "SS 316 high pressure stainless steel water mist nozzles" at the point of entry (not inside the exhaust chamber) to decrease the chance of embers entering the exhaust chamber where oils and fats accumulate, reducing further risk of fire by dousing before entry
• The water mist also acts as an inhibitor of oil and fats entering the exhaust chamber and ductwork by weighing down particulates and contaminants on entry, aiding the capture process
These rangehoods are a MUST for the defence against live fuel fire cooking!
Enhancing your kitchen's safety with the latest in fire suppression technology, the Water Mist System offers an innovative solution to mitigate fire risks efficiently. Utilizing advanced misting technology, this system rapidly cools the surrounding area, suffocating flames and reducing the spread of fire without causing water damage to kitchen appliances or interiors. Its environmentally friendly approach not only ensures the safety of your premises but also contributes to a healthier, greener kitchen environment. With the Water Mist System, you're investing in peace of mind, knowing your kitchen is protected by cutting-edge technology.

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TBC rangehoods are highly regarded for there durability, quality and precision engineering. We utilise advanced technologies and premium 304 grade, or 316 grade stainless steel to produce rangehoods that comply with all industry standards. Our rangehoods are some of the finest the industry has to offer.

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Frequently asked questions

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TBC rangehoods are simple to install. We can also provide fixings and hanging support material to suit the install application, and give instructions for the best installation methodology.

TBC provides a water solenoid valve with every water mist rangehood. This solenoid must be electrically interlocked with the kitchen exhaust system to control the open/closing of the solenoid valve when the system is operational, or switched off. This water solenoid valve requires a water feed connection (by plumber), to supply the flow of water through the water mist rangehood. This water supply feed must connect into the water mist stainless steel hose connection, located on the top and front of rangehood. TBC can also provide an additional cost to supply and install a stainless steel drainage system for the water mist rangehood, but this installation is normally done by plumbers as well.

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