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TBC supplies a wide range of roof mounted kitchen exhaust fans for Residential, Commercial or Industrial use. Roof mounted fans are a popular solution for kitchen ventilation systems if the application is acceptable and compliant, as the motor is further away, therefore minimising the noise within the kitchen area. We also specialise in powder coating roof mounted fans to match existing finishes for customer satisfaction. With a combined wealth of over 40 years experience dealing with all types of fans, we know which fan is right for your system.

Upgrade your ventilation system with our top-of-the-line roof mounted exhaust fans, perfect for any kitchen environment. Our roof mounted kitchen exhaust fans are specifically designed to handle the demanding conditions of both residential and commercial kitchens. These fans efficiently remove unwanted odors, smoke, and heat directly from your cooking area, ensuring a clean and comfortable kitchen atmosphere.

For industrial settings, our roof mounted exhaust fans industrial models offer robust performance, capable of handling larger spaces with high-efficiency needs. Similarly, our commercial variants are tailored to meet the rigorous demands of business environments, providing optimal airflow and reducing energy costs.

In residential applications, our roof mounted kitchen exhaust fans residential units blend seamlessly with home aesthetics while maintaining powerful ventilation capabilities. These fans are not only effective but also operate quietly, preserving the tranquility of your home environment.

Enhance the air quality and comfort of your kitchen with our reliable roof mounted exhaust fans. Enjoy the benefits of a professionally ventilated space that promotes a healthier cooking environment and improved overall air quality.

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Australian made roof mounted kitched exhaust fans are highly regarded for their durability, quality and engineering expertise. Our manufacturers utilise advanced technologies and materials to produce fans that are leading the highest industry standards, with excellent support systems in place to assist you.

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Not only do we offer expeditious lead times, we also provide competitive pricing with cost effective solutions.


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TBC provides a 12 month warranty on all fans. This warranty is based on the fan being installed correctly, with all installation guidelines being ticked off.

Yes, TBC provides acoustic products and solutions for larger fans.

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