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  • Kitchen exhaust ductwork, forms part of a system that is typically connected to the kitchen rangehood and is specifically designed to vent grease, smoke, steam and other harmful contaminants from commercial cooking to the outside of a building.
  • Kitchen supply air ductwork, forms part of a system that is designed to supplement the air inside your kitchen area that has been removed, due to the process of the exhaust fan or fans. This type of HVAC solution pulls in outside air from outside the building typically, to replace the existing air that cannot be recirculated inside the kitchen area.

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TBC ductwork is highly regarded for it's durability, quality and precision engineering. We utilise advanced technologies and materials to produce ductwork that meets the highest industry standards.

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Frequently asked questions

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Yes, TBC can supply the materials for duct installation.

Yes, TBC supplies a wide range of air diffusion products for ventilation systems. We also design and manufacture custom air diffusion products to suit specific details and finishes.

Yes, TBC has a team of powder coaters that create aesthetically pleasing products for customer satisfaction.

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