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The stainless steel baffle filter (UL 1046 compliant), is the most robust defence mechanism against grease build up and airborne contaminants. Designed for heavy use commercial kitchens, this high performance filter ensures a cleaner for longer exhaust system, whilst prolonging the life of your rangehood, which makes a more efficient kitchen environment.

Key features:

Advanced filtration:

The stainless steel baffle filter is designed to be extremely effective in capturing the tiniest of grease particles and contaminants, reducing them from entering your exhaust system and lowering the costs of your ongoing maintenance. The baffle structure has been a game changer for many years, with a high demand to replace existing rangehood filters.

Easy maintenance:

Cleaning the filter is a breeze, ensuring hassle free maintenance whilst prolonging the life of your rangehood and exhaust system.

Eco-friendly design:

Made from sustainable materials, the stainless steel baffle filter not only protects your kitchen, but also the environment.

Universal compatibility:

Designed to fit most standard kitchen rangehoods, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.

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Yes, the more you buy, the more value for money!

The stainless steel baffle filters longevity is based on the ongoing maintenance and duty of care (handling). The baffle can easily be damaged by mishandling, so you must clean these carefully. Every 1-2 years these filters must be replaced.

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